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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Helene Hellmich

Museum: Teil 2 (Wolken) & Gedankenkarten

30.05 - 13.06.2014

Vernissage: Friday 30th of May 7-9 p.m

Museum Teil 2 (Wolken)
By producing clouds as objects and thus capturing their usually fluid form, I have the opportunity to observe their differences and to put them into an order. From my observations, I concluded that over the centuries clouds changed their forms. Around 2000 BC for example, they were very round and compact, whereas contemporary clouds have much more varied forms. Of course the Cloud Museum is an impossible proposition.

Gedankenkarten / Maps of Thoughts
Maps of Thoughts are drawings that depict a world of thought and abstract thought processes. They put different drawings/signs/words into an order. The maps are also archives that register the elusive, ephemeral and unseizable and render this intangible cosmos consistent, assessable and above all visible.
By drawing Maps of Thoughts I transfer data into a different form. Not only does this create an overview but also a new context for the initially neutral collection of information. The previously collected pieces of data or information only obtain their meaning in their composition and in their cataloguing. Since the Maps of Thoughts function rhizomatically, different opinions and approaches coexist. The maps are always a dialogue between interior and exterior, past experiences and visions of the future, the real and the imaginary.

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