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Monday, 17 March 2014


 3 Drawings


VERNISSAGE:  Friday March 21st from 19h until 21h

Exhibition: 22 March- 3 April

Artist Statement //

The drawing is my artistical media. It is about drawing, about interventions on the paper and settings of wall and space. Openness and lightness of the shown things is important for me. In my drawings and story telling installations I use stories and images out of the common memory, to create a controlled chain of associations.  The installations are drawings in a bigger scale, too.

In my artistical work I reflect my roots and horizons: from where do I come, by which things I was and still am characterized. Which are my references? Who are the people who did and do influence me. Charles Taylor names all this “Sources of the self”.

As central theme I pick up my role models and my idols (James Joyce, Harald Schmidt and Mehmet Scholl), compare myself with superheroes or invent them. I question my changed role with getting older, remind me the time i was a child and question myself, why I am as I am (and doing art).

My pencil drawings are not as light and ephemeral as most of the drawings. Thus there are small notes, sketches and drafts and notes, but my central drawing theme are pencil drawings in a large scale. With blocky character, heavy and sometimes hermetic the objects are placed on the paper. For realization of these 2 to 3 meters formats I need several months. The drawings come into being in a process. Layer for layer crosshatching come together and then it materialized and create an object, which differs between several associations.

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